The World Begins With You is released!

I happy to announce that The World Begins With You is now released!

It's a small puzzle-platformer-adventure created for Wizard Jam 6.

I hope you enjoy! :) 


The World Begins With You 297 MB
Jan 05, 2018

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Good atmosphere experience.

After exiting the cave it's very too hard. The level design should be improved. But for a game jam it's very good regaring the art, the game play and the cinematics. Good Job ^^

thank you for your comment! I‘m glad you liked the overall experience and I agree that there are a few issues regarding gameplay, controls and level design/pacing. I‘m learning much from feedback like this, so any feedback and criticism is very appreciated! :)

Your welcome! I'm software developper and artist 2d/3d and i use Unity too. If you want some help or get involved in a game design let me know. ^^

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Hey sorry to butt in, this was made for the biannual, Idle Thumbs Community Wizard Jam. We have a load of people who love talking about game design and development, even a Slack channel where we discuss game dev and design outside of the jams! jdaliz let me know if you'd like to join, we'd love to have you. :)

I don't have enough to time for a Jam but join this Game design and development channel why not!

Cool! Here's a link to the forum:

If you want to access the slack, that's where the majority of the conversation is now-a-days, pm me there and I can get you an invite. :)

Me, on there: