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If you're like me, and spent your Christmas holiday playing your old PSX games, then you might get an idea where the inspiration for this game came from. Also, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone (dark, moody narrative games with little to no gameplay) and do something different for once.

So, in this game you're an invisible person on a semi-futuristic farming vehicle, and you have some tasks to complete in just a few minutes. That's already it!

Controls are very simple: 

- On Keyboard: Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move

- On Gamepad: Use Left Stick or Digipad to steer, A or Right Trigger (XBox-Controller-Layout) to accelerate and X (XBox-Controller-Layout) or Left Trigger to brake / reverse.

Small note about the vehicle and level selection screens: The arrows and the left and right are buttons, that you have to navigate to - for the extra nostalgic clunkiness ;)


Tractor Tony's Pro Reaper 35 MB
Unity Project Files 56 MB

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