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Childhood Dreams

Follow a small child with great imagination and one big wish on the way to make it happen.
Find a path through colorful puzzles and meet people who are more than happy to help!




About the game

The game was created for the seventh Wizard Jam, a bi-annual Idle Thumbs community-run game jam that runs for two weeks. Though I tried my best to avoid bugs, there might be some rough edges here and there.





Use the left and right mouse buttons to move/rotate highlighted objects. Click with the left mouse button on top of objects to move the character. To rotate the camera press the A and D keys or use the left and right arrow keys.

The game has no written text, so people from everywhere can play and (hopefully) enjoy it!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
AuthorFabian Denter
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags3D, Casual, Colorful, Cute, Isometric, Low-poly, Point & Click, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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A Wish Upon A Star (64-bit) 71 MB
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A Wish Upon A Star 75 MB

Development log


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An interesting 360-degree puzzle where you need to guide a child to their bed/parent by elevating or lowering towers and stairs. It is a neat concept on paper, but suffers in its execution. Most of the time, you can't access the tower you want to elevate or lower because it is obscured by the platform itself, and if you see the top of it, you can only interact with it by asking the child to walk on it, no change the tower itself. It is fine at first, but as the levels become more and more complex, it gets cumbersome and removes the fun out of the game, at least for me.

This would be great if I had a touch screen. Painful to use a mouse to control the person and the heights of blocks.


I had a lot of fun playing this game. It reminded me a lot of "Monument Valley" in terms of visuals, but its gameplay was really unique and interesting. I also really liked how the story was told through speech bubbles containing images, rather than through words, and I liked how creative the puzzles got.



This would be so good on Android!


шикарная анимация и задумка. Однозначно тут не помешала бы свободная камера и сохранения


perfect animation and idea. Definitely, a free camera and level selection would be helpful rere

I think I just lost all of my progress. I thought the leftmost menu button, which is a triangle with a vertical bar on its left side, means "Play from beginning," so I clicked the second menu button which is just a triangle to hopefully load, but that started me from the beginning. What's going on here? Is there any way for me to recover my progress in the game? I can't seem to pick up where I left off, now, several levels in.

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Sorry, that is obviously bad UI/UX design on my part. The button on the left is actually a Continue-button and the second button a Play-from-start-button.

There isn't a way to restore a previously overriden save (remember this is a jam game, so I didn't put all too much thought into the save system), but there is a way to skip levels by manipulation the save data, at least if you’re playing on Windows. It's stored in the registry though, so it should only be manipulated by users who are familiar with registry editing.

If you are, in the registry under HKCU\Software there should be an entry with my name ("Fabian Denter") and underneath that an entry for the game. Then there are some values editable, one of which is "Scene to load" which you can set to a specific number. When you go back to the game and press the leftmost button in the main menu, it should load the level with the index you entered in the registry.

But please ONLY change numbers in the registry when you are sure to edit the right ones!

I sincerely am sorry for this and hope you are able to go back to the point in the game you already reached!

Edit: I looked up where Mac saves the game data and it should be stored in the ~/Library/Preferences folder in a .plist file. I can't check this though, because I don't own a mac.


I'm on Windows; whew!

Are you ever gonna go back to revise the game? Having a text popup of "Continue," etc. when mousing over those menu buttons would immediately fix all of this. FYI, when it comes to actual media players, a triangle with a bar on the left means "play from beginning" (which is why I perceived the buttons as such), so you may want to swap the icons if you update the game.


A very cute puzzle game, with just the right difficulty curve: just when you think you've mastered one of the game's mechanics, another one is introduced to make things more complicated! Like the previous commenters, I truly enjoy my experience with "A Wish Upon A Star" and only regret it's so short :)

Hi there! I bought this in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and tried downloading it on my mum's Macbook Air coz I thought she'd like it. Unfortunately, it's giving me the following error message when I attempt to open the application:

'The application "AWishUponAStar 10.01.25 pm" can't be opened."

I have tried redownloading it and re-unzipping it from the .zip file, but neither appears to be working, as it keeps giving me that same error message. For reference, it's a MacBook Air from early 2015ish running macOS Catalina with an Intel i5 processor and 4GB of RAM.

I don't suppose you have any idea why this might be? Or any potential work-around I can attempt?


Hi, sorry you are having issues. I received a few of those messages, but unfortunately I think it's due to Apple being overly restrictive as to which software people can install. From what I understand I'd need to "sign" the app with them, but I didn't do it (as it's not free). 

Have you tried installing the game through the itch.io app? https://itch.io/app

Also this might help? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202491

I don't own a mac myself, so I can't test this unfortunately.

Thanks Fabian! I tried the itch.io app, and after telling the computer to ignore that that app was downloaded from the internet, I could use it to install the game! I appreciate the help! :)


Awesome! Hope you and/or your mother will enjoy it, thanks for reporting back! 

this game was really challenging but that's more on me than anything. absolutely beautiful and a really fun experience!!!!

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I very much enjoyed the game. I wish there would be more levels.

Looks great!, any chance of getting this through Steam?.

Hey thanks for the comment! Unfortunately there are currently no plans to bring this game to Steam.

I thought this game was amazing!!

thank you! :)

Absolutely LOVE this game, challenging but fun and looks so so nice

Thank you! Glad you liked it :) That‘s a good video, hope you continue playing!

This puzzle game it's super cute and really challenging! One of the best games I've played this year!!

hey thank you so much for playing and making videos of all my games so far, means a lot! Excited for the full video, please post it here as well! :)

Ok, here's the full one! Thanks :)

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how did you make this!? can you tell me the engine it uses?

Hey there, I made this game in the Unity Engine!

This is an extremely well made game. The graphics are astonishing, the aesthetics are perfect and the puzzels where really challenging. It took me around 9hours to finish it because i got stuck near the last two levels. It tested my patience alot and i had to keep restarting to complete the levels because i always ended up messing up the level to states where i had no idea what and where everything is suppose to go! 

One of my main fustrations of the game was when I exited the game and thought it didnt save my progress, this was because the button for continue was not very clearly marked(I reolised there was a continue button after i finished the game). Since i was already really far into the game (i think i was around halfway) i decided to start again and in no time i was back to where i left off so i wasn't too bummed out. 

 Some of the interactions between the characters was also kind of lost to me since it was shown by pictures. It also ment i was really confused to why i was collecting random objects from people. I soon understand at the end. Another thing is the fact that collums had to be seen to be lowered or raised which ment i had to restart levels when i accidently lowered a collum situated in the middle too low. 

I am extremely suprised that this game is free as this feels like a game you can get on steam for a decent price. If I had money this would definietly be one of the games i would tip for. Overall I give this game a big thumbs up, Good Job Creators!

Hey thanks for playing and taking the time to write so much feedback! It really helps me to see where I can improve and how certain things work or don't work with different players. Some of your criticisms were also expressed by other players and I answered them here in the comments. Thanks for the thumbs up!

.. and whoa - 9 hours! Wow! That's long! Glad you sticked with it and finished :)

Played the latest build and it's been a great 2+ hour experience. The hardest levels were the ones where you have to 'uncover' the end point. :) Also, made a video to spread the word. 


Hey thank for playing and making such a nice video! I really like how you reacted to the small story, it's good to see that it can work only with images :)

It does work with images! :) It gives you information, you can play around interpreting and it goes so well with the visual style. Really nice work. 

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I played this game in 2 sessions for, I'd say, a total of 3 hours. I just finished it, and it left me with an urge to open my wallet, which doesn't happen that often for a "Pay what you want" game, esp. made for a jam:

  • It played with my damned impatience just the right way. Had to rethink the puzzles more than once, and always managed to make it just when it started being frustrating (with solutions often easier than 1st attempts).
  • It's beautiful, for eyes and ears.
  • At first I thought the game would play with optical illusions, a bit like Fez or Monument Valley, but I'm glad it didn't and found its own way, and sticked to it.
  • I know it's one of those games I'll remember and it will pop in my mind with an urge to replay it.
  • The game being made for a 2 weeks jam is just mindblowing. At no moment did the game feel like it. It felt like any indie game I could buy from Steam, hence the urge to give money for this :)

However, there are things I wish were made otherwise:

  • Columns can be raised/lowered only if their side is visible, which often is not the case because other columns hide them. Same with handles on rails, which moreover go outside the view. The problem is, it sometimes felt like it was part of the game mechanics, but that was more annoying than anything else. Or this is only how interaction is, and I wished it was handled in a different way: perhaps grabbing the column top square, or with a free mouse rotation (instead of 90° steps with keyboard).
  • In some occurences the puzzle implied I had to find some special columns containing stairs or other elements, and as I can only randomly find them (plus, with manipulation issues said above), I thought it weakened the general gameplay.
  • The way elements moved with left/right mouse button wasn't always obvious on rails and horizontally sliding blocks, because of the level rotation. Maybe their left or right move should fit the left or right button used? Perhaps it is already, in which case: oops! No problem with vertical move though.

But I'm not complaining, again it's a jam game and the work done in 2 weeks is absolutely amazing.

Hey there, thanks for playing! That's some great feedback, I agree with most of it, especially the horizontal handles. I wanted to design them differently for the reasons you mentioned, but time was running out, so I sticked with a non-ideal, but working solution. 

Thanks for taking the time to write such detailed feedback! :)

this is a winning game for wizard jam 7. this must be it!!! 

still GOODLUCK for the jam!!!

Hey thanks for playing and making a video! And also thanks for the kind words! The jam is not a competition though, so everyone who finishes and submits a game  is a winner already :)

now we have 24 winner :D

Well, I enjoyed playing your game. The colors and the music blend really well together to create that dream-like athmosphere denoted by the name of the game. The puzzle component is really good and it really makes you think a bit about your decisions.

But, I felt that your game lacks the story component. It is so minimalistic that the puzzle component overwhelms it. And if you don't read the game's description you can't really tell the goal of the player from within the game.

Overall, great experience! For a two-weeks time of work, this is really awesome. If you want to tell a story through your game, make that story pop. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback! I see how the minimal story might not be rewarding for each player. I wanted to tell the story without words so people from all backgrounds can follow along. It might be too minimal, but I also received some positive feedback about this. I think even if, like you said, the puzzles overwhelm the story bits, the game still works as a puzzle game. But yeah, I'm sure it  could be done in a better way. :)

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I'm getting tried of digging stairs and goals lol

Basketball hoops one you only have one stair only so try dig

But I finished it anyway can the final level goal can be more obvious? I know it kinda obvious from the look but I was not sure until I reach there and that thing goes up

Yeah it can be a bit click-heavy ;)

I'm not sure what you mean by more obvious. You mean in the final level itself? Thanks for the feedback!

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Yep :D

 In the final level, the goal only raises up when you reach it. I think it may not be obvious enough.

I got past a few levels. Circle bit threw me for a loop though. 

Thanks for sticking with it for a while! :)

Visually nice. Too hard for me! ;..-[

I adjusted difficulty a bit in the latest build, maybe you can enjoy it better now. :)

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I like this game! The atmosphere and the music blend in nicely with each other, almost as if setting the mood for each level. The little bubbles over the characters other than the player somehow represent a story amongst one another. The aesthetic is very soothing and relaxing, and even through difficult levels, I'm sure there won't be a player raging because they aren't able to get pass through one ;)

Apparently, I'm kinda stuck on the level w/ the basketball hoop. I have found stairs and found the goal but it's a tad difficult but I'll get through it!

You can do it!

Thanks for playing :)

I'm really enjoying the game. and sorry to bother you, but I'm stuck- what are you supposed to do in the level with the basketball hoop? The other levels have a clear goal to reach but I'm a little confused ahha.

hey there and thanks!

Well the goal of that level is to find the goal and then get to it. You may have to raise a few blocks to find some stairs. Hope that helps! :)

Beautiful game. I love the way it looks a lot. The puzzles are a tad bit confusing, though. Maybe make the first three puzzles a little easier to give the player more time to understand the mechanics?

Here is my playthrough!

hey thanks for playing and making a video! Sorry you got confused there for a bit. One takeaway from my games so far is that I should learn how to make better tutorials :) 

I‘m will think about making the first levels easier, because I saw a few people now who played to the rocket level and then stopped, which is obviously not what I want as there are many levels coming after that.

Such a cool game! Loved it!

Thank you!

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Why is this so hard!! on the third level with the spaceship, I think there is a hidden piece in the right side but I can't reach it :(( Edit: ok i got through the level, I really like this game a lot :D good job on it! It's just very hard for me ;-;

(1 edit) (+2)

Glad you made it! I admit, some levels could use some balancing work :)

Thank you for playing!

very cool


I'm not great at puzzles but, I gave it a shot. I got stuck on the second level as, I think I can't reach the piece in the middle. Would have been nice for a simple tutorial but, one can kind of figure it out after a bit.

Hi!, i have a question, this game is just for 64 bits version of windows?

Currently yes. I can try to make a 32 bit version, but I can‘t promise, that it‘ll work. I will update if it does! 

I uploaded a build that I hope is running on 32-bit versions of windows. This is untested, so I'd be grateful, if you could report back, if you tried it! Thanks!

It took me a bit to figure out due to the camera rotation, but I enjoyed what I played of it! The isometric nature is much less of a problem with the camera and the art really works with it. Sure there still needs to be some more involved tutorials, but it's a solid start! Well done!

hey thanks again! A small tutorial is now implemented as you were completely right on this! I hope you continue playing when you don‘t have to be so quiet anymore ;)

Btw: I just wanted to say that you are generally very good at giving critique and point out relevant things that would make a game better, keep it up!

Thank you! I'm actually trying to put some of it all into practice right now with another indie dev. Originally joined as a voice for the game, but am now helping direct the game. Hopefully I can put my money where my mouth is and deliver something on par with all the criticisms I give! 

I'll definitely play when it comes out :)

(And I don't think you have to be the best game creator to give valid feedback and critique, so don't let that hold you back!)


Played a bit of this on my channel! 

Hey thanks for playing and making a video!  :)

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1000 likes from me.


1000 x Thank you from me!

...but why Transmission: Lost doesn't show up on your creator's page?


I decided to hide it from my page. It‘s still online and you can find it when you search for it and probably through the Wizard Jam 5 submissions. I’m still proud of it and like a lot of bits and pieces from it and when I had the time I‘d definitely want to get back to it and expand or„remaster“ it, it just doesn‘t fit the other games I made, I think, so that‘s why it’s currently not visible :)

Oh ok then... I'm just glad I found it by clicking on your name 'cause I don't believe I could have found it otherwise...

But it has to be fixed a little because the game main menu can launch but it's not startable or continueable in some case

I really like the aesthetic and atmosphere, but I'm unsure of how I feel on the visual design. The isometric nature of the pillars makes discerning depth extremely difficult. I managed to get a few pillars stuck as well due to the fact that they can overlap with one another and the raise control is bound to the same input as move. Ended up not being able to pass the second puzzle.

hey there, thanks for trying the game! 

I expected some people criticising the isometric aspect of it and I‘m sure there are many places left in the game where the player or other blocks can get stuck because of being overlapped by something else. I tried my best to minimize this and in many situations you just need to turn the camera (I don‘t know if you saw that you can do this?) to the right angle until you can see the otherwise obstructed object. This is sort of a base concept of the game: make your way until you can’t go any further, then turn the camera and see a few new opportunities.

I‘d be interested in knowing if you knew about the ability to turn the camera as it‘s the only mechanic in the game that can‘t be learned by just trying to click things and I can see how a player misses that.

Ooooooh... I had no idea the camera was movable. Whoops.